Optional extras


Vertical weatherseals

Can only be used on sectional doors and are secured in the reveal in front of the door. The seals are effective at preventing wind blowing dust into the garage and also control wind noise. Keeping sea air out of the garage on properties close to the sea will also reduce corrosion pressure on internal galvanized steel parts.

Extruded plastic weatherseals are available in white , bronze/brown and charcoal/black colours.
Aluminium and rubber weatherseals are available in white , bronze and charcoal colours , but can also be powdercoated to colour of choice.


Shootbolt internal locking device

An inexpensive , but very effective additional locking device that can only be used on sectional doors. The motor locks the door , but shootbolts provide excellent additional security when away from home for extended periods.


Infrared Photosensors beams

The sensors are installed in the reveal of the opening and if the beam is broken the door will immediately stop and reverse preventing damage to your car /harm to someone under the door.Motors do have sensistivity settings , but the door must experience a reasonable foreceful obstruction before reversing