Choosing a Garage Door


Sectional Garage Doors

These doors are installed behind the opening, open behind the wall and give full opening height.Sectional doors seal the opening more effectively than tipup doors and provide better security.Very commonly used and have significant advantages over tipup doors.Available in injection moulded fibreglass , wood, aluminium and aluzinc steel.


Tip-Up Garage Doors

This is one solid door that opens under the lintel through the reveal of the opening and approximately half inside and half to outside of the garage.These doors require less headroom above the lintel than sectional doors. Have a small price advantage over sectional doors and can be used with or without automation. Available in injection moulded fibreglass , wood , aluminium and aluzinc steel.


Wooden Garage Doors

On some houses there is no substitute for the aesthetic beauty of wood and the garage door may complement wooden windows and doors.Maintenance on wooden doors is a reality and can be expensive and time consuming. If this is not done the door can deteriorate and be compromised in terms of looks and functionality. Pricing varies according to type , quality and thickness of wood required.


Aluzinc Garage Doors

Aluzinc is extruded from 0.5mm mild steel with a 60% zinc and 40% aluminium coating.The doors are very competitively priced and provided the client does not think that denting and scratching of the doors is likely , aluzinc is often the right choice. Labradoor prefer to recommend alternatives under coastal or high corrosion pressure conditions. Doors are supplied standard in bronze , charcoal , brown and white. The doors can also be powdercoated to colour of choice.


Aluminium Garage Doors

Made of solid aluminium . A definite option in high corrosion areas. These doors are also well suited to modern design homes. The 1.3mm solid aluminium horizontally slatted doors are supplied in white , bronze , charcoal and natural aluminium colours. The 1.6mm aluminium is the top of the range aluminium door.Supplied only in mill finish and all these doors therefore need to be powdercoated at additional cost. Doors can be supplied for openings up to 7.0metres. Labradoor can also supply custom made aluminium doors as required. See photographs in Aluminum Gallery. Pricing depends on design , quality and thickness of aluminium required.


Woodgrain Injection Moulded Fibreglass

Labradoor is the only supplier of IM fibreglass doors in South Africa. Architects and clients are often surprised by the quality and strength of IM fibreglass doors and we welcome comparison with any other product on the market.These doors have been installed in upmarket areas such as Llandudno, Constantia , Camps Bay and on upmarket housing estates in the Boland (Paarl , Stellenbosch, Franschhoek).Clients usually select these doors for their low maintenance (fibreglass does not rust) , strength and impact resistance .Any colour can be matched and incorporated into the gelcoat at reasonable cost.


Rollup doors

These doors are available only in aluzinc steel and can sometimes be installed where tipup and sectional doors cannot be used Eg. where a beam in the garage comes down to level of the front wall lintel. The doors are most suited to standard single width (2440mm wide) openings.The doors can be custom made up to an opening width of about 3000mm. Rollup doors can be automated ,More sophisticated and wider rollup doors are also available in aluminium.